Festival Program

Location Independence: The Tie Which Binds Life with Work

Freedom X Fest invites together all major player of the Location Independent Movement with 100+ speakers and workshop facilitators, exhibitors and partner stages. With many additional activities such as outdoor swimming pool, hiking trails, lakes and dams, botanical gardens, a natural rock climbing wall, canyoning, farm animals, BBQ's and sports (football, kayaking, archery, badminton, volleyball).

The full program will be available soon.
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Talks and Workshops, Activities & Entertainment


AWARDS The inaugural Location Independent Movement Awards (LIMA) that recognise the people and companies propelling the location independent movement forward.
GOING DEEP Debates, workshops & talks that delve into the depths of this movement and how it is revolutionising the way we work and live.
DANCE UNDER THE STARS Live music & DJ's with the background silhouette of the Pyrenees in the moonlight.
GLOBAL GATHERING of leaders, visionaries, legends and change-makers.
FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD Food Trucks serving global dishes, massive Paella feasts and BBQ's.

Some of the topics we will be discussing and debating...


Freedom Fest X examines the transformation in the way we work, including topics such as:

The corporate world and how it is being impacted as companies question to what extent they incorporate flexible work practices into their workplace.
Leadership and management of distributed teams
Entrepreneurship and freelancing as a vehicle to a life of location independence
Remote work careers
Financial freedom and investments
Contribution and purposeful work towards humanity

And, more broadly, the future of work


We look at how this new world of work is impacting upon our lifestyles and we dig deeply to understand the effects it is having upon society, including:

Relationships and how they can be deepened as couples can intertwine their lifestyles.
Family structures can be reinvented. Rather than one being the full-time 'stay at home parent' whilst the other commutes to the office each day, instead, parents can get 'the best of both worlds'.
Health and wellbeing at our workplace and personal lives, starting from our eating and consumption habits, exercise and working schedules.


During the festival we look at how work merges with life:

Lifestyle design and how we can live closer to our interests and passions, how we can live more proactively with direction and purpose, and how we can live with fulfillment.
Personal development and how we can grow as individuals to improve all facets of our lives including our professional development.


What is life without enjoyment?!  Aside from the inspiring and educational workshops, talks, debates and courses, Freedom Fest X will be fun!

Live music, DJ's and dancing
Sports: volleyball, rock-climbing, football, canyoning, archery, kayaking, hiking, basketball
Yoga and body movement
Swimming and lazing in the Spanish sun
And plenty of spontaneous enjoyment!

Workshops, Talks, Discussions & Debates

Rethinking The Family Unit How Location Independence gives us the freedom to design our family structures in a different way.
The Freedom Paradox Can too much freedom be a bad thing?
Definitions and Degrees of Freedom What does freedom mean to you? And how much freedom do you want? It’s an individual thing.
Living Proof Meet those who live with freedom. Inspirational case studies.
The “Real World” Has Changed So you’re about to finish your schooling and enter into the “real world”.  But the real world is now a thing of the past.
Past, Present & Future The drivers and enablers that brought on the rise of the location independence movement; The present landscape of this transformational shift in the way we live and work; and we taking out a crystal ball…where is this heading?
Work is no longer a place…or is it? It’s an exciting catch-phrase, but is it just a utopian notion, or at best an extreme exaggeration?
Remote work is soft You have the hard skills but have you developed the soft skills required to be able to work remotely?
Virtually communicating As remote work and distributed teams continues to rise the need to improve how we communicate and collaborate is more essential than ever. What are the challenges to be overcome, and how are they solved?
What’s in a Name? What is the difference between location independence and digital nomadism? Why is it important to clarify this distinction?
Coliving A new breed of traveller requires a new accommodation model. Enter coliving.
Planet of the Nomads Where are the nomad hubs and hotspots around the world? Learn why these locations have become digital nomads magnets.
Neo-Colonisation Are digital nomads similar to their colonial ancestors?
Nomad Social Responsibility What are the opportunities for this movement to leave a positive impact?
Design your Day, Design your Life  From a 40 hour work week, to a 168 hour life week
A Passionate Life How to live closer to your passions
Breaking the shackles, but still imprisoned Many have broken free from the “corporate cubicle”, yet remain chained to their desks. Our paradigms have not changed.
Personal Power Where does your personal power lies and how to tap into
Business Constellation How does your business reflect your inner state, struggles and successes and how to rearrange your business to thrive
Finding Inner Freedom Have you felt unease, indecisiveness, frustration on your freedom journey? No matter where you go, what you do – freedom is found within yourself.
Leading with Confidence Self mastery and leadership training
Your Best Self Get aligned to your highest potential and get clear on your mission
Live Music Every night, live bands & DJ’s…dance under the stars!
Outdoor Cinema Relax in the evening with your new friends and bag of popcorn under the night sky with great selection of inspirational movies
Hiking Discover over 10 hiking trails in the area on your own or with a group of change-makers
Rock Climbing The magnificent Pyrenees mountains invite you for new experiences
Volleyball It’s all about teams, fun and playing together!

And much more coming soon...