Design Your Freedom Lifestyle

Budapest, August 26-27 2017

LIVE! Workshops, inspiration and education for people who choose to create and live life according to their own terms


*Seats are limited. Don't Miss Out!

Freedom Tickets

One Day Pass

52 EUR

Buy your one day ticket and choose later based on the final agenda. Full day program of freedom talks and workshops both on Saturday and Sunday! Get inspired, learn, share and meet like minded people.


Weekend Pass

80 EUR

Do you want to make the most of Freedom X Fest? Get your Weekend Pass to attend talks and workshops on both days and immerse yourself for the full freedom experience.


3 Day Nomad Pass

390 EUR

Do you want to visit the DN Summer capital of Europe? Visit Budapest for 3 days with a special FreedomXFest Nomad Pass and exclusive community experience.


The nomad pass includes:
VIP Welcome Dinner on Friday 25th August
Weekend Pass for Freedom X Fest
3 day accommodation at one of our Nomad Houses
3 drinks at the Saturday party
Lunch on both days

Budapest Retreat

1090 EUR

For digital nomads and remote workers who want to spend 2 full weeks in Budapest, VagaBond Nation setup 2 weeks workation retreat including FreedomXFest.


The Time is Now!


*Seats are limited. Don't Miss Out!

Freedom X Fest is an inspirational 2 day event that challenges you to expand your mind, change your beliefs, make you go beyond what you thought is possible and inspires you to design your life based on your choices.

We bring together 30+ speakers and workshop facilitators to inspire, educate and talk about their experiences on creating a freedom based lifestyle. Workshops and talks will be held throughout the weekend in an interactive environment with over 35+ programs for everyone to participate, learn, grow and design their own freedom lifestyle.​​

You are so much more extraordinary than what you were taught to believe. And you have so many more opportunities to live your life freely according to your own terms and values.

  • We bring you speakers and workshop facilitators who have made new choices in life, established their own passion-businesses, travel the world while working remotely and living a life aligned with their purpose.
  • We have been there, done that and know it is possible. We also know that it’s not an easy path to walk and we all need networks, communities and relationships that inspire, nourishes and supports us.
  • We facilitate hands-on workshops where you can start applying all these knowledge to your own life and situation. We want you to get involved, participate and learn new tools that you can take home with you and use every single day that follows.

Freedom Tickets

Limited number of tickets are available to join Freedom X Fest for an inspiring 2 Days event on the 26-27th of August, in Budapest.


Meet Our Team

Freedom X Fest is held at a very special location @ Brody Studios, Budapest. Read more about the venue, location and how to arrive, here »

What Freedom Means for People

Freedom for me is: to think, feel, believe and take action aligned with your true self. I believe that everybody should experience and live a freedom lifestyle, based on his or her own needs, dreams, visions and belief system. GO consciously in the direction of you dreams!

Orsolya Gyulai
Orsolya Gyulai

I want to be freed from a cubicle and feel "at home" in the world. Everyday adventures. Fueling the senses and creativity. Personal and professional growth. Transform an ordinary routine into the extraordinary by learning new ways to navigate through the days.

Thuy Vi Gates
Thuy Vi Gates