BALI, UBUD | 8-12th OF APRIL 2020

WORTH $997

20 prizes up for grabs



5 magical days of inspiration, connection and actionable learnings

25+ globally recognised expert speakers and presenters

Access to a network of mentors, who have done what you are wanting to achieve

Connection with a like-minded tribe of people, to make new friends and inspiring connections

Powerful tools to help you optimize your location independent lifestyle for more success, free-time & fun

Masterminds and collaborative projects! Work with like-minded people, build new connections, friendships, collaborations & businesses

Be the change you wish to see and leverage the power of community to amplify your impact and voice..


So, if you are ready, and only if you’re 100% committed to playing full out with us, then here’s what you need to do to enter.

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Who Is ‘Freedom X Fest’ Made For?

An experience unlike anything you’ve seen before, Freedom X Fest is here to serve, connect and inspire those of us who are committed to shattering limiting beliefs, creating new paradigms and changing the world, today.

Whether you’re a thought leader, a digital nomad, a social entrepreneur, or an active dreamer.. Come join us in co-creating a space with like-minded community, where we can redefine the systems and rules society takes for granted, and break free together, creating the highest potential in life, for ourselves and for all of humanity.

Where Will We Be?

The Mansion Resort is one of Bali’s rare gems - a boutique resort in the artists community of Penestanan, just a few minutes drive from the center of Ubud. Set in a tropical lush green park estate, this incredible venue is an adventure to discover, with water features, multiple pools, world-class restaurants and luxury spa, we’ll be in the lap of luxury!

You can book our “All-Inclusive” Pass to get a room in the resort or one of the partner hotels near by, so you can always be just a few steps away from the heart of the festival. Or book something close by and just enjoy the incredible venue during festival hours.


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We All Make a Difference

When you make a commitment to yourself, to stretch & grow, to be open to seeing the world with new eyes and taking action towards your life-purpose, it has an impact on those around us too!

When you join the Freedom X Fest in Bali, you’ll be personally making it possible for 1 Balinese man, woman or child to receive a free Eye Screening, at a roaming mobile clinic, for every $120 that you invest in yourself. People blinded by cataracts are referred to the mobile clinic for a sight saving operation!

So even when just buying a ticket, you will have sponsored 5 people to receive a free Eye Screening..

You’re the best!


Freedom X Fest

Do More. Live More.

When you attend Freedom X Fest, you are not just going to another festival or conference. This unique event celebrates our humanity by uniting all our parts together.

It unites remote workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, location independent professionals, digital nomads and creatives from all over the globe, as well as those simply looking to live with more freedom.

You’ll learn new skills to grow your business or start a new one, learn to meld all the facets of who you are, your life’s purpose and your work into one cohesive lifestyle that is your FREEDOM by DESIGN.

There are talks and hands-on collaborative workshops that teach you how to successfully live and work remotely, become an entrepreneur, create alternative models of living, tap into your creativity, flexi-work, and so much more.

You will socialise with people who are as passionate as you are about creating freedom to live the way they want to. There will be activities spanning the full 5 days of awesomeness, plus optional adventures happening around the festival, that promote whole living and whole working.

If YOU are looking to create your life and work into a space that feels seamless and more fulfilling.

Then Welcome to Freedom X Fest.