What is the exact address of the venue? +

The exact location of the event is POBLE RURAL PUIG ARNAU-PUBILLÓ Ctra. de Coll de Jou a Cambrils, Km 39 25283 Canalda (Odèn) Alt Solsonès, (Lleida) what is approx. 2 hours drive from Barcelona. This is a rural village with 12 charming country cottages on 250 hectares of land, set in a stunning natural environment with the Pyrenees mountains behind and spectacular views of the valley below.

The village has an outdoor swimming pool, hiking trails, lakes and dams, botanical gardens, a natural rock climbing wall, canyoning, farm animals, BBQ's and sports (football, kayaking, archery, badminton, volleyball).

How do we get there? +

By car
The venue is approx. 2 hours drive from Barcelona, click here for the precise location and plan your trip in Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/w6Dxtqe8WuN2. If you don’t have a car you can join other participants who have 🙂 Just start a car sharing discussion in the closed facebook group for Freedom X Fest participants!

By bus (public transport)
Scheduled buses are available from Barcelona Estación Nord to Solsona, the nearest city to the venue. The trip takes approx. 2 hours and costs 17.40 EUR. You can buy your ticket here or at the bus station: https://www.alsa.com/en/web/bus The festival venue from Solsona is approx. 30 min drive, you can take a taxi at the bus station - just look for the Freedom X Fest sign behind the windscreen of our Taxi partners!

By bus (Freedom X Fest buses)
We will provide bus transport on the 14th and 17th of August from Barcelona, Plaza Catalunya, (meeting point is in front of Hard Rock Cafe) and from the venue to Barcelona, Plaza Catalunya on the 19th of August. The cost is EUR 30 one way. You can book your seat here, under Transport Tab: https://freedomxfest.com/buy-your-ticket/

From the Airport (El Prat) to Barcelona You can easily get to Plaza Catalunya from the airport by Areobus, the airport transfer provider in Barcelona, their buses are running in every 5-10 min, it costs 5.90 EUR one way. The average travel time is 35 min. You can buy your ticket here or on the bus: https://www.aerobusbcn.com/en/buy-tickets

What do I need to bring? +

Things that we’d suggest, however are not 100% necessary are water bottle / flask (you can refill for free on site), hiking shoes, climbing gear, swimming trunks, yoga mat, headlight / flashlight, sun protection, sun hat, umbrella, toiletries, towel, extra charging batteries and leads etc. (to keep your tech running). Locks for the tent if you are camping, and any extras you want that will make things more comfy for you. If you’re an experienced camper, then you’ll have a far longer list than this.

What kind of dining options will be available? +

There are various food options that we’ve made available for you. There is an all inclusive meals option for 150 for the 6 days, and an 80 option for the 3 days ticket holders that you can pre order now on the website (choose the 5th tab) or you can order it on site when you get there. Many variations are available, from meat eating, vegetarian or vegan. Please send your dietary requirements when ordering your pre catered meals.

In addition to that, we’ll have a variety of food trucks and stalls available, breakfast, lunch and dinner, from Mexican to Veggie dips and sweets and coffee etc. that you can purchase daily. We’ll also have a small grocery store available on site.

Which is the nearest city? +

The nearest city is Solsona, with a beautiful old town and shopping facilities. The festival venue from Solsona is approx. 30 min drive.

What is the weather like at the venue? +

It is indeed getting hot during the day, but as we are surrounded by the stunning mountains of the Pyrenees, bare in mind that at night it will drop to around 15 degrees. In case of rain, please bring an umbrella or raincoat.

NO CAMPFIRES: We would have loved to have had them, however due to the dry season and heat, campfires have been prohibited in the area.


Where to Stay? +

We have various accommodation option provided at the location. You can stay in one of the 12 stone cottages, each with kitchen and living area. Some of the room have private bathroom, some with shared bathrooms. Also we have unlimited amount of space for camping and glamping to have a tipi experience, rent a tent or bring your own.

Will the tent have bedding in it? +

Yes, all the glamping and camping options include pre-erected tent, camping mat & sleeping bag.

Can I stay more days after the event? +

Yes, please send us your preferences and we will get back to you with possible options.

Does the tent/tipi come with a lock? +

No, please bring a lock or you can buy one at the event.


Registration and Tickets +

On arrival to the location or the transport hubs, you’ll be directed through the registration desk where you’ll need to show some form of legal identification. You’ll then be given a ticket or wristband that shows what you’ve signed up for. You’ll need to keep this on for the duration of the event to get access to the various areas or receive the various upgrades you may have signed up for.

Money at the Festival & the giving model +

The festival will be using Freedom Tokens as the currency for food and drinks on-site. You’ll be able to purchase your tokens upon arrival through credit card or Euros. Unused tokens will be refunded to you prior to you leaving on your final day.

We love the idea of being able to create an environment that positively impacts your life, and at the same time, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could impact the lives of others who may not have the resources we have to receive even their basic needs met? Well that’s what’ll happen. As a result of every token used at FXF, you’ll be making a difference to kids and families in Cambodia, by contributing at least 1 day of clean drinking water. Imagine the thousands people and the thousands of days we’ll be making available, saving lives by minimising disease and giving them the opportunity to live a more healthy life.

This is just the beginning, as we are experimenting with new transactional giving-impact models that can become the core foundation of businesses, events that we run. We’re inspired by the possibility and what we’ll all be able to make an impact in not only our lives, but the lives of others… So, thank you in advance for being in the game to play along with us and make this a Festival for Good!

What is included in the Full Week Freedom Pass / Weekend Pass tickets? +

All regular ticket types include entry to Freedom X Fest 2018 official programs: speeches, workshops, panel discussions, entertainment and sport programs like Evening Party, Meditation or Volleyball, Yoga and other body movement sessions.

This means that with these ticket types you have access to 100+ various performances, talks, workshops, classes and activities… You’ll have many options to choose from during all your stay.

There are very few extra experiences that we could not bring to the festival without charging something extra for them, like rock climbing or canyoning. More details and exact pricing will be available closer to date.

Can I come with my camper van? +

Yes, but it’s limited. Price is €135 for 3 days and €255 per campervan for 6 days. For more information and payment options please contact us here: support@freedomxfest.com.

Where do I park my car? +

There will be clear sign and the volunteer at the registration are happy to assist you

I want to come with my family. How much do my children pay? +

Children under 12 years old can attend the festival for free, must be accompanied by an adult. Please email support@freedomxfest.com with the name of the child/children you are bringing. Youth under 18+ can apply for 50% discounted tickets at support@freedomxfest.com.

Where can kids stay? +

Kids can stay with parents on the size and style of accommodation they book for the adults.


Additonal programs like rock climbing, canyoning is also included in the price? +

No - these activities will be offered for an additional cost. Rates will be released closer to the event.

What is the schedule of the first day (14th August, Tuesday), how should I plan my arrival? +

The official opening is at noon on the 14th of August. Arrivals from 8 am same day. Please take into account that you need to register when you enter to the Festival area and you might want to occupy your room or tent (all tents are pre-erected, with bedding in) - ideally it will not take more than 30 min.

What is the schedule of the last day (19th August, Sunday), how should I plan my way back home? +

On the 19th of August we are still going to have exciting programs, the official part will end around noon, and then the first shuttle buses are leaving back to Barcelona and airports.


Is there going to be WIFI? +

We’re taking over a remote village, and this in itself poses a few interesting challenges. That said, we are installing Internet Hot spots at various places around the festival, however we cannot guarantee that the bandwidth will be what you need personally to do the work you need to do, so having a backup SIM on 3 or 4G will be your godsend.


If you’re already in Europe / UK and you already have a SIM card, then we’d recommend that you speak with your provider and double check that you’ll be able to use their service in Spain. We did this recently in Hungary and it’s working out well, however you want to check what you get and how much it will cost you. We got 4Gig of Internet for about 10. If you are flying in from somewhere else, then make sure you pick up a local SIM Card at the airport. We may have SIM cards and mobile internet devices available for rental/sale at the event, however this is not yet confirmed, so best you cover yourself, as you would when traveling anywhere else in the world.

I would love to join the Org team (photographers, volunteers, etc.) +

There will be many opportunities for joining the festival as a volunteer, stay tuned, subscribe to our newsletter through the website (www.freedomxfest.com), join our community on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/114478215925063/) and as we are getting closer to date we will share how can you join us with all the opportunities and details.

Wheelchair accessibility? +

Yes, there is wheelchair accessibility at the festival

Can I bring my dog? +

YES! 🙂 But we kindly ask you to only bring your best friend if you can make sure that you can look after him 24/7 and you have all the equipment he might need (muzzle, dog-lead, disposal bags, etc.). There will be some places and programmes where dogs are not allowed but you both will be able to attend the majority of the programmes.

Where can I store my laptops and other valuable items? +

Yes, you can store your valuable belongings & clothing, without having to worry about loss or theft. You can hire a locker during all week. The lockers can be found at the festival & campsite. During the opening hours, lockers are continuously under surveillance. The lockers are always accessible for the people who rent them.

Where can I charge my laptops/ phone? +

There will be charger stations available at the festival.